Please be sure you have :

  • read our GETTING INVOLVED section with all expectations and requirements
  • read the FAQ
  • PURCHASED your Team Number
  • REGISTERED as a Team Manager on before continuing.




  • Regularly check our calendar and be on the look out for emails.
    • Our Google calendar includes dates and details on deadlines, Regional Board meetings, trainings
      and upcoming tournaments.
    • If you actively use Google Calendar (which you we highly recommend!) you can add our calendar to yours so any changes made will be automatically updated on yours!

  • Get to know your Team Manager account
    • You must have a Team Manager Account at Texas DI in order to register your team for the regional Tournament.
    • A Team Manager account also gives you access to additional training materials that are being created at the Texas DI training website. (

  • G et to know
    • Once you have registered and purchased your Team Number, you can access DI University (online training) and  download program materials and access the DI clarification system.

  • Plan to attend our Team Manager trainings in your region.
    • While there is nothing inherently difficult or complicated about managing a Destination Imagination team, there is a lot of information.  The experienced instructors in your region can save you and your team many possible missteps by attending a New TM training. This will set you and your team up for success in ways going to alone could not.
    • The online training that is available provides only basic information.
    • We will also offer some targeted training sessions on specific topics and team workshops for your team.
      They will all be added to our Google Calendar.
    • There is no charge for most of our Team Manager trainings.
    • There is a fee for our Team Manager University to help defray the cost of the facility and materials.
    • Most team workshops do have a fee.  All fees and sign up info will be listed in the details of the calendar.

  • Compete the Learning Module:  Being a DI Team Manager »HERE«
    • Please do this BEFORE you attend New Team Manager training. In order to maximize the training time available, the instructors for New Team Manager Training will not be covering basic information.  T
    • They will assume that you understand basic concepts and know the terms being used in training, so for everyone to get the most out of the time everyone should be knowledgeable on those basics.

  • Take advantage of the things we offer here:
    • The Resources page on this website
    • our Facebook group
    • follow our Pinterest Board for ideas, printables, activities, challenges and more!


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