Poteet High School

Mesquite, TX

February 24, 2018

A STEP by STEP guide

  • Cost is $50 per team or $10 for Rising Stars
  • Deadline for registration including payment is 1/5/18 $50
  • Late Registration is 1/6/18-1/15/18 cost is $100
  • All teams are REQUIRED to send an appraiser, they will enter the appraisers name when they fill out registration.

We have created a simple way to get registered.

Please click each section and read it all the way through before beginning and it should be easy peasy!

  • 1. Register as a Team Manager

    1. Go to the »TX DI Registration page« and follow their instructions on creating an account.
    2. Verify email to complete set up
  • 2. Create your Team Roster

    1. Use the same page to log in »TX DI Registration page « and follow their VERY detailed instructions as needed on creating your account »HERE«

    2. The most important take aways from the above linked instructions are:
      1. Always click SAVE after editing your team and before switching tabs
      2. Do NOT check the box "Team Information Complete..." until you know there will be NO changes.  You will have to contact a Regional Director in order to make changes if needed.

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  • 3. Register Your Team for the East Region Tournament

    1. After creating your roster and when you are sure there will be no changes to your team, go ahead and take a walk on the wild side.  Click that Team Information Complete box!

      1. Registration Fees are not refundable.
      2. Changing your team's challenge AFTER you have submitted your registration is considered a new registration and subject to the restrictions and registration fees at the time the change is made.

    3. Now you have 2 OPTIONS on how to complete and pay for BOTH your registration fee and shirts & pins.

    YOUR 2 WAYS to PAY


    • PAYPAL- you can now complete the entire process without ever printing or sending a thing! You will be given the option to pay with PayPal for everything once you finalized your registration.  A small fee will be added for doing this strictly to cover the processing fees that PayPal charges. 

    • PRINT & MAIL
      • PRINT the registration form after finalizing.
      • PAY for fees and shirts/pins in the form of SCHOOL DISTRICT CHECK, PURCHASE ORDER or MONEY ORDER made payable to East Texas CPSO  that should be included with your printed form.
        We are sorry, but personal checks are not accepted.
      • SEND your form to the address indicated at the bottom and you are all set!
        to avoid late registration payment penalties of an additional $40


    $0-$40 ---------


    $101 - $200 ----

    $201+ ----------





    PP FEES:

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  • 4. Rejoice, HIGH 5 everyone in the room & GET BUSY!

  • 5. Purchase additional shirts & pins here!

    Go to our »SHOP« here on EastTexasDI.org and preorder additional shirts and pins for friends and family that can be picked up at Regionals with your PayPal receipt or photo ID!


    There will be a limited amount available at the event, but by preordering online,  you can guarantee your size and the pins you want while not paying day of prices!


    We are not currently offering shipping, but if this is something you are interested in please »email us« and let us know.


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